Chidambaram Shipcare Pvt. Ltd. (CSPL), established in January 1979, has been providing comprehensive ship repair solutions since its inception. CSPL is India’s premiere Marine and Offshore Technical Services Company sought after by Ship-owners, Ship Managers, Ports and Offshore Oil and Gas Companies worldwide.

CSPL is #1 in Ship repairs in and around India and sought after by our worldwide customers due to the consistent track-record of Safety, Quality and On-time deliveries to our customers.

Over the years, CSPL has expanded its services to include shipbuilding, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from private sector players to government entities such as Cochin Shipyard (India’s largest public sector shipyard), Mazagaon Docks Ltd.(a leading shipyard focused on the defence sector) and the Indian Navy.

With a team of highly skilled experts in ship repair and shipbuilding, we offer a range of services to meet the varying needs of our clients.

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We provide comprehensive ship repair solutions for vessels calling on India's ports, as well as those visiting international ports. In addition, we engage in contract shipbuilding activities at India's leading shipyards, ensuring high-quality workmanship and timely delivery.

CSPL is the exclusive service partner to Peiner SMAG Machinery India Private Limited as well as to Peiner SMAG Lifting Technologies GmBH and offers comprehensive after sales service to all kinds of grabs in India.

CSPL also offers repairs for heavy lift cranes and accessories (with all major ports and stevedores’ crane servicing and repairs being handled by CSPL), marine consulting services to ensure that our clients receive a comprehensive solution for all their offshore and marine technical service requirements.

With an experienced team of professionals and a proven track record of providing excellent ship repair and shipbuilding services, CSPL is a trusted partner for those in need of reliable and efficient solutions in the maritime industry. Know more

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