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Rohit K Chidambaram
MD & CEO, Chidambaram Group

Rohit K Chidambaram is a Marine Engineer and Naval Architect by education and has over 22+ years of experience in operating global businesses and sales teams. Rohit is responsible for overall growth of all the businesses of the Chidambaram Group.

He has been responsible for the growth in the market-share of Peiner SMAG Grabs in India and Asian markets since the year 2005 and is presently focused on new product penetration across existing markets and new market penetration for existing and new products.

Rohit is also always looking for new ways to grow and expand the group’s business ventures and create value for all its stakeholders.

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Shubhangini Subramaniam
Director, Chidambaram Group

Shubhangini Subramaniam is a Finance Professional by education and has over 18+ years of experience including primarily in investments and asset management.

Shubhangini is responsible for key strategic financial and growth initiatives for Chidambaram Group and thereon overseeing its implementation. She is presently responsible for evaluating and making new business acquisitions for the group which have synergistic benefits with existing business interests.

Prior to joining the Chidambaram Group actively, Shubha was a senior member of a global infrastructure fund focussed on acquisitions and asset management (including taking on Board positions) of infrastructure assets.

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Srinivasan Sethuraman
CFO, Chidambaram Group

Srinivasan Sethuraman is a Chartered Accountant by education and has over 25+ years of experience in the finance space. Prior to joining the Chidambaram Group, he has held various CXO positions Including having worked with a large global family office in Europe (having an AUM of c. USD 10b).

Srinivasan joined the Chidambaram Group in 2014 as the CFO of PSI. He is presently the Group CFO of the Chidambaram Group and responsible for overall finance and control of all the businesses of the Chidambaram Group.

He also takes an active role in new strategic initiatives of the Chidambaram Group.

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Palas Mohanta
Head of Production, Chidambaram Group

Palas Mohanta is a seasoned professional with over 32 years of experience in heavy engineering industries, specializing in capital equipment manufacturing.

His most recent role prior to joining the Chidambaram Group was that of GM – Manufacturing for Arvos Energy India Pvt Ltd (now Ljungstrom India Pvt. Ltd.). His previous stints include senior level roles in Cactus Engineering and Trading Pte Ltd in Singapore and Yes Power & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd in Vadodara.

Palas joined the Chidambaram Group in 2021 and is responsible for the Production Function for the group as a whole with a focus on such businesses within the group where the need is the highest.

His focus is on Peiner SMAG Machinery India Pvt Ltd (PSI) where he is responsible for Production, Planning, Maintenance, Quality, Design, Procurement, Logistics and Environment Health and Safety.

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Head of Sales, Chidambaram Group

C. R. Padmanaban, fondly known as Paddu or Paddy, is an electrical engineer by education. He started his career with Chidambaram Shipcare Pvt Limited (CSPL) in 1983 and worked on various initiatives and projects started by the group since.

Padmanaban is presently Head of Sales for the Chidambaram Group and he is responsible for growing the topline of CSPL as well as overseeing the overall sales and marketing functions of SMAG Peiner Grabs India Pvt Ltd (SPGI). In addition, he plays a key role in any new business initiative by providing valuable market intelligence and business development guidance and direction through knowledge acquired through his deep understanding of the marine industry over the last few decades.

Paddu takes great pride in the fact that he has spent his entire career with the Chidambaram Group and thoroughly enjoys his role and profession.

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G Nandakumar
Head of Operations, Chidambaram Group

G. Nandakumar, fondly known as Nandu, is a skilled welder and qualified in 6G welding and is a Welding Expert by education. He started his career in 2001 with Magnum Shipcare Services (an erstwhile Chidambaram Group subsidiary) in Bahrain in the Welding department.

He has since spent close to a decade with sharp focus in Welding and Welding Technologies – providing leadership to the Welding function for all key projects undertaken by the Chidambaram Group across its various businesses.

From 2010 onwards, in addition to his expertise in Welding, he also started heading operational aspects of various key ship building and ship repair projects undertaken for CSPL’s key businesses. Nandu is presently the Head of Operations for the Chidambaram Group with a special focus on CSPL.

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