The Chidambaram Group has a rich history of 43+ years of providing high-quality services and products to its clients across various industries. In addition to its business ventures, the group has been committed to giving back to society through non-profit activities.

One of its notable contributions is establishing as a registered not for profit organisation, a college of Marine Engineering. This initiative aims to provide young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field and contribute to the industry's growth. The group also offers job placements to graduates, which is an excellent opportunity for them to kickstart their careers in the marine industry.

Besides its educational initiatives, the Chidambaram Group also holds commercial properties and agricultural lands and is constantly exploring new ways to both grow these assets and utilise them optimally. Partnering with the group will give one access to their valuable assets and contribute to the group's non-profit activities, which aim to impact society positively.

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In summary, the Chidambaram Group's non-profit activities through its businesses reflect our commitment to creating a better world. Our initiatives in education and investment opportunities offer a platform for individuals and organisations to make a positive impact while also achieving their business objectives. If you want to partner with the group or learn more about our non-profit activities, please contact us at contact@chidambaramgroup.in.

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